How to sell a mobile home ?

Secondhandmobilehome enables you to publish your advert to sell a mobile home or chalet on its website. It is free of charge and you can easily edit it.

Your advert will either be listed under the relevant campsite or as sold with no pitch, i.e. when the mobile home has no land or is to be removed from its plot if your lease is ending, for example, or if the camp site requires you to do so. The choice of location (on the camp site or with no pitch) is important because it affects the sale price of the mobile home or chalet. 

If you run a business in the outdoor accommodation sector, create a business account and log in to the business area of the website for access to a personalised page featuring all your adverts, with no limit on the number. 


The stages in selling your second-hand mobile home : mobil home a vendre

  • Stage 1 : Create your account 

  • Stage 2 : Create your sale advert  

  • Stage 3 : Locate the advert on your camp site, or sell it as having no pitch  

  • Stage 4 : Select the model, options and features

  • Stage 5 :  Enter the sale price and add your photos  

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Calculating the right price for your mobile home ?

The sale price of a mobile home is determined on the basis of its make, model, fixtures & fittings, year of manufacture, condition and the site, if it is being sold on a camp site pitch. In this case, the value of your mobile home or chalet will include its plot and surrounding greenery, outside accessories, terrace and shed. The main advantage is that the buyer need not worry about finding a pitch on a site, or having to pay transport and installation costs, which can cause the final cost to rise considerably.

To determine the sale price for your second-hand mobile home or chalet, we recommend pricing it on the mobile home pricing website ( This benchmark website uses the prices achieved by business sellers, and enables you to price your mobile home when it is sold on a pitch on a camp site. Take care not to rely too heavily on prices on small-ads websites, which are often over-estimated by private individuals, who tend to compare their mobile homes with bricks-and-mortar properties.



Our tips for successfully selling your mobile home 

 1. Re-read your lease agreement (for a sale on a camp site pitch).mobil home à la vente

Read thoroughly the conditions covering sales in the lease agreement for the camp site that you signed on arrival. Some camp sites do in fact impose restrictions on the age of second-hand mobile homes, charge a commission on sales or quite simply refuse to allow private sales.

 2. Prepare a full, clear description of the mobile home.  

List all the interior and exterior fixtures, fittings and equipment. Include the general condition to avoid surprises for buyers and any wasted time.

 3. Take good quality photos (inside and outside).

Photos are very important because they enhance your advert and make it stand out from other adverts. They give a future buyer an idea of the general condition of your second-hand mobile home and its location on its camp site pitch. Photos must be of good quality, and in a decent quantity, at least one per room, so 6 to 8 pictures per advert.

 4. Respond quickly when a customer contacts you. 

The telephone is probably best. Buyers often ask more than one vendor and you will have more chance of selling your mobile home if you are the first to contact them when what you are selling matches what they want. 

 5. Anticipate the administration involved in the sale. 

Find your purchase invoice stating the chassis number and year of the mobile home. The buyer will ask you for it, and they will need to be entered on the deed of sale.


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Three good reasons for selling your mobile home on 

[reason 1] - Free advert you can edit at will

There is no charge for posting an advert on and there is no charge for correcting it, changing the price or adding photos.

[reason 2] - It is the benchmark for the camping sector

The platform’s core business is the buying and selling of pre-owned mobile homes by camp site businesses, tour operators and distributors. It is also used by mobile home manufacturers such as IRM, O’Hara, etc. More than 1,500 models pass through the website every year.

[reason 3] - Sale on a camp site, or with no pitch

As specialists in mobile homes, we separate the product from the value relating to its location or usage. Using our comprehensive search engine, website visitors can easily compare models. A mobile home sold on a pitch will typically fetch a higher price than one sold without a pitch. Similarly, the price of mobile home can vary from one camp site to another as facilities vary between camp sites.

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