Installing a mobile home

When it is brought to the pitch, the mobile home must be anchored on the pitch and connected to the utilities. The cost of the latter operation depends on the accessibility of the site and the provision of mains services.

Anchoring the mobile home

This is a key step which must be carried out very carefully. If you fail to anchor the mobile home correctly, it may cause damage and make the doors and windows hard to open. Consult the guide to anchoring supplied by the manufacturer and call on professionals to carry out the service.


Connecting the mobile home to the utilities

Once the mobile home has been anchored on its pitch, all that remains to be done is for it to be connected to the utilities (water, electricity and gas supply, television and telephone lines - depending on what's available in the campsite - and water outlets). 

Make sure you prepare the mobile home for winter at the end of the season to prevent it from deteriorating, particularly where the boiler is concerned. Don't forget to have the boiler checked and serviced by an approved professional who will make sure it stays in good working order.

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