Accessory features

Mobile home terrace

The terrace is more than a simple accessory - it's the natural extension of a mobile home. 
It forms an extra room and is the ideal place for eating and relaxing with the family outdoors. 

The majority of terraces are wood terraces, but PVC models also exist. There are different types of terraces - simple, half-covered or fully covered (with a tarpaulin or perforated canvas).

Mobile home skirtingSoubassement mobil home

Used to close off the "crawl space" around the mobile home, skirting is also a pleasant decorative element and prevents the growth of weeds. As well as helping the mobile home blend into the surrounding area, skirting keeps the crawl space at a set temperature, thus preventing strong fluctuations in temperature in the mobile home during the day. 

Skirting is generally available in wood or perforated PVC versions.


Garden shed

 mobile home
Installed on the same plot as the mobile home, a garden shed is a storage area where you can keep outdoor furniture, gardening tools, bikes and other equipment. 

N.B. Make sure you find out whether you are entitled to install a garden shed, as it is prohibited in certain campsites, and others have size limits. 



Box for storing gas bottlesCoffre bouteille mobil home

Handy and aesthetically pleasing, wooden boxes are ideal for protecting gas bottles. 
Placed behind or beside the mobile home, they can generally house 2 bottles. 


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