Second-hand mobile homes for sale on campsites in your favourite region

Finding the right campsite or Residential Leisure Park (PRL) location both for you and your future second-hand mobile home isn’t something to be left to chance. It’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it will determine where you will take your holidays for several years... Whether you love the coast, the countryside or the mountains, you probably already know your ideal regions for your mobile home.

Which campsite for your mobile home?

Each campsite or residential leisure park is awarded a number of stars (from * to *****). This ranking is based on technical criteria such as the size of pitches, the roads, the sanitation facilities, safety, lighting and the number of foreign languages spoken. Criteria such as the leisure facilities (swimming pool, playing fields, restaurant, etc.), the quality of the welcome and the orientation of the pitches are not taken into account, despite being some of our main concerns. For your second-hand mobile home, if it isn’t sold with a pitch, try out smaller campsites, which are more likely to accept your second-hand mobile home. Larger campsites tend to prefer new mobile homes in order to boost their image.

Why are there price differences between identical mobile homes sold on campsites?

If you are choosing to buy a second-hand mobile home that is already at a campsite, you’ll notice that sales prices vary from one campsite to another. While there is a pricing guide, it doesn’t take the pitch into account, which explains why a mobile home sold without a pitch will be much cheaper than a mobile home for sale on a campsite. The price of a second-hand mobile home can also vary between campsites based on the services and activities they offer. All the second-hand mobile homes for sale on Mobilhomedoccasion are sold by outdoor accommodation professionals (retailers, distributors and campsites), guaranteeing you a worry-free purchase.

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