About Secondhandmobilehome.com

Secondhandmobilehome - the beginnings

Set up in 2004 on the initiative of French mobile home manufacturer O'Hara, Secondhandmobilehome now plays a major role in the renewal of fleets of used mobile homes within BIO Habitat, the European leader on the leisure home market and world's leading boat builder.

The only service of its kind on the internet, Secondhandmobilehome centralises and standardises on its website advertisements for all makes of used mobile homes placed by campsites and European dealers that are members of the network. Secondhandmobilehome is the ideal solution for selling or buying a used mobile home or fleet of used mobile homes.


A European network

Secondhandmobilehome is Europe's no.1 professional network for used mobile homes. Secondhandmobilehome is supported by a network of over 250 dealers and over 2,500 campsites located throughout Europe.

FAdvantages of the Secondhandmobilehome website:

  • Fun, intuitive, user-friendly browsing
  • Access to the best advertisements qualified by professionals
  • Advertisements updated in real time
  • A wide selection of advertisements: different makes, prices, sizes, etc.
  • Multiple search options: by model, make, geographical zone, criteria
  • Complete, pertinent inventories, illustrated by many photos
  • Quick and easy process of contacting the seller
  • Optimal responsiveness from professionals
  • Available in 4 languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian
  • Partners providing key services: for transportation, anchoring, installation
  • Value of your mobile home estimated by a professional
  • Present under different names: in France, Mobilhomedoccasion.com for private individuals and for professionals; in Spain, Mobilhomesegundamano.com; in Italy, Casamobileusata.com; and Secondhandmobilehome.com for English-language countries

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