Price, budget, model - How to choose the used mobile home that's right for you

What model should I choose ?

Many models are available on the used mobile home market. There are two general categories - "residential" and "rental" used mobile homes. "Residential" used mobile homes are sold directly by private individuals; they generally have a large surface area and are characterised by a cosy ambiance and a comprehensive range of equipment. "Rental" used mobile homes are sold by campsites as part of a stock renewal operation and have been rented out during the summer holidays. The latter are generally more affordable.
Prix mobil home

As with new mobile homes, your choice will depend largely on the number of bedrooms available - generally 2 or 3. Another factor is how the mobile home is laid out: with a central living room, panoramic view or a covered terrace, for example. As far as size is concerned, early flat-roofed mobile homes were 3 metres wide, but nowadays 4 metres wide is the general standard.



What are the critical points which must be examined ?

  • Before purchasing a used mobile home, you should visit it and look at several points:
  • The shower cabin is generally one of the most critical points of the mobile home, as in the event of cracks, leaks can alter the floor's appearance.
  • Windows (solidity and watertightness)
  • Boiler (inspected and wintered)
  • Floorboards (near the entrance doors)
  • The frame of first-generation mobile homes with non-galvanised parts


What about the price ?

The price of a used mobile home varies depending on the model and the place where it is located. If the mobile home is sited on a pitch in a campsite which is already equipped with a terrace, shed, etc., it will be considerably more expensive. 


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