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Company name : BIO HABITAT. (Bénéteau Group) - Mobilhomedoccasion

Head Office : BIO HABITAT - Mobilhomedoccasion / ZA de la Folie / Rue Charles Tellier / CS50001 La Chaize le Vicomte / 85036 - LA ROCHE SUR YON - France

RCS Number : La Roche sur Yon 511 239 915

Web development, Design : Société Le Phare - 58 avenue du Parc de Procé - 44100 Nantes

Hosting: Société Oceanet Technology - 34 boulevard du Maréchal Alphonse Juin - 44100 Nantes – Tél : 02 28 03 78 78 – Fax : 02 28 03 78 79 – Email : contact@oceanet-technology.com

The access to the Website www.secondhandmobilehome.com as well as the use of its containt are submitted to the use conditions described herinafter. The fact of accessing and browsing on the www.secondhandmobilehome .com Website constitutes for the visitor an acceptance without reserve to the following specifications:

Personal information
Any person can have an access to its personal data and may modify, correct, or suppress all or part of it (art. 34 of the law on data processing and freedom of January 6, 1978). Contact SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME

In order to exert that right, please contact :

BIO HABITAT - Mobilhomedoccasion
ZA de la Folie / Rue Charles Tellier / CS50001 La Chaize le Vicomte
85036 - LA ROCHE SUR YON - France

In accordance with the law 78-17 of January 6, 1978 on data processing and freedom, this website made the object of a declaration next to the National Commission of Data processing and Freedoms (CNIL). The BIO HABITAT company will be allowed to retain personal information to comply with law.

Photo Credit
All pictures displayed on this website are submitted to a copyright.

Patent right
This Website is the sole property of the BIO HABITAT company. SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME is solely entitled to use the intellectual rights and personality rights linked to this website, including trademarks, designs and models, author and image rights, as inherent title or as a the result of a transfer or of a licensing.

L'usage de tout ou partie du Site www.secondhandmobilehome.com, notamment par téléchargement, reproduction, transmission ou représentation à d'autres fins que pour usage personnel et privé dans un but non commercial est strictement interdit.

Hyperlinks towards other websites
The hyperlink creations towards the Website can only be carried out if 
BIO HABITAT has given a previous and written authorisation. BIO HABITAT will have the ability to revoke that decision anytime. The BIO HABITAT company declines to be responsible for the containt of the websites linked to the Website.

By application of the managerial dispositions 2002/58/CE, SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME uses cookies for personal identification. These cookies will be stocked for five (5) years in the visitors computer, unless the user cancels them. All visitors have the possibility to refuse these cookies by clicking on the button “delete cookies” in the tab of internet options: confidential, knowing that the use of the site could be found limited. A cookie doesn't allow us to identify you. In a general way, it saves the information needed for the navigation of your computer on our site (the pages you have consulted, the date and the time of the consultation, etc...) that we can read during your other visits.

BIO HABITAT's responsibility
In the conditions foreseen by the law, 
BIO HABITAT does not incur any responsibility:

  • For any imprecision, inaccuracy, omission or for any damage resulting from the intrusion of a third party having lead to an alteration of the information provided on the website,
  • If damages are caused by the unauthorised access of a third party on the website www.secondhandmobilehome.com or if its access is momentarily impossible
The visitor is informed that this Website access may be interrupted anytime by BIO HABITAT for maintenance and security reasons, or as a result of any other technical constraint.

Applicable law

The present conditions are governed by the French law. The French Courts have exclusive competence for all litigation related the direct or undirect access or use to the present Website. These conditions were originally produced in French. Thus, in the case of misunderstanding or conflict, the French original will always preside over this English edition.

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