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General terms and conditions of the SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME online service

SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME is a website and service provided by the company BIO HABITAT (BENETEAU Group).

Article 1 - Purpose of the SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME website
The SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME website has two key objectives: to inform visiting web users about mobile homes placed on sale by members of its network, and to provide mobile home professionals with a means of informing visitors about the mobile homes they own and which are for sale.

Article 2 - Scope of the service offered by the website
SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME is an information website for web users. SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME provides visitors with a search engine for finding used mobile homes. Using the search criteria entered by visiting users, SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME or any member of the SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME network communicates a list of used products matching the request. For each mobile home selected, the following information is indicated: the name, product description, indicative price, geographical area and contact information of the person to contact should the visitor require further information, and the exact location where the mobile home can be viewed.

SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME is neither a service for the sale of used mobile homes online nor an intermediary involved directly or indirectly in the conclusion of the sale of the latter upon consulting of its website, which may only be done directly with the member or an intermediary of the latter.

All information requests are sent by SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME directly by e-mail to the advertiser. The advertiser is free to choose whether or not to reply to the request.

Article 3 - Limits of SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME 's responsibility
The information about the used mobile homes featured on the SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME website is provided by its members. SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME does not modify the information communicated by its members in any way. SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME undertakes solely to reproduce this information in the identical format of the original.

The legislation on selling and distance selling is not applicable.

Article 4 - Modification of the general terms and conditions of use of the SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME website
SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME reserves the right to modify these general terms and conditions of use at any time, particularly in the case of a change in the existing legislation, so as to ensure compliance with the latter.

Article 5 - Access to professional areas
Access to the professional areas is for professionals involved in the mobile home business and is granted by sending a request to open an account by e-mail to MOBILHOMEDOCCASION.

Article 6 – Placement of advertisements online
Only mobile home dealers are entitled to place advertisements online.

Article 7 - Continuity of service
Access to the services available on the "SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME" website is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the case of force majeure or events that are outside the control of SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME , and breakdowns or maintenance operations required to ensure the smooth operation of the website.

Article 8 - Third-party websites
SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME may place links on its website that direct the user to websites published by third parties. If the user makes use of the links provided on the SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME website, the user assumes all of the risks associated with this visit and takes all the measures necessary to protect his or her computer from viruses. SECONDHANDMOBILEHOME provides no guarantees as to the websites which can be accessed via a link, the information appearing on such websites, and any products or services described on these websites.


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